Medtronic MiniMed MMT-399 QuickSet Set 23 Inch 6mm

Medtronic MiniMed MMT-399 QuickSet Set 23 Inch 6mm

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The Medtronic Minimed QuickSet infusion set MMT399 is a popular choice for people using a Minimed insulin pump because of the convenient disconnect feature that this infusion set offers. With a simple click, the tubing can be disconnected from the site, allowing for the person wearing the set to change clothes, shower, work out, and more with ease and freedom.

The MMT-399 comes with a 23 inch tube and a 6mm cannula.  Each box contains 10 full sets, and each should only be worn for 3 days.

This infusion set is designed to work with the Minimed MMT-326A or MMT-332A reservoirs.

Medtronic Quickset MMT399 Product Features:

  • 90 degree insertion angle
  • Quick disconnect
  • Adhesive patch for optimum fit
  • 6mm cannula
  • 23 inch tubing
  • Can be inserted with or without the aid of an insertion device