Dexcom G7 Starter Pack
Dexcom G7 Starter Pack

Dexcom G7 Starter Pack

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Dexcom G7 Starter Pack

Dexcom G7, the simple CGM system that delivers real time glucose numbers to your smartphone or smartwatch. No fingersticks required. Effortlessly see your glucose levels and where they are headed. This helps you make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment to take better control of your diabetes. 

The new discreet sensor is about 60% smaller than its predecessor. Its small size and upper-arm wear location make it easy to forget that you're even wearing it. 

Dexcom G7 can alert you up to 20 minutes before you go low, or when your glucose is too high. You can even personalize your alerts. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that Dexcom G7 can let you know when it's time to take action. 


  • Know where your glucose levels are at and track where they're headed.
  • Customizable Alerts - Set up Alert Levels so you can get a High Alert or Low Alert when readings are below or above a target range.
  • 60% smaller and can be worn discreetly on the upper arm.
  • The Dexcom G7 app gives you the flexibility to customize alert sounds and settings to best fit your needs and lifestyle. 

Receiver Features:

  • User friendly interface: The G7 CGM Receiver has an intuitive interface that makes it extremely easy to understand glucose data and is user-friendly.
  • Small portable size: The Dexcom G7 receiver is super compact and lightweight, making it simple to carry on your person.
  • Long battery life: The G7 receiver has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 days on a single charge.
  • Large color touchscreen: The receiver has a large, high-resolution color touchscreen that displays glucose data in real-time. The display is also easy to read, even in the sunlight.
  • Automatic transmitter pairing: Dexcom’s G7 sensor pairs automatically with the G7 receiver anytime a new sensor is applied, eliminating the need for manual pairing.
  • Customizable alerts: Customizable alerts can be simply setup to receive notifications when your glucose levels are too high or too low.
  • Shareable data: The G7 receiver can be paired with a smartphone app which allows users to share their glucose data with their doctors or friends/family.


  • 3 - Dexcom G7 Sensors
  • 1 - Dexcom G7 Receiver
  • Insertion device for each sensor