OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips  100 Count

OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips 100 Count

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One Touch Ultra Blue - OneTouch® Ultra® is a blood glucose monitoring device for people with diabetes and is the foundation product for LifeScan's OneTouch® Ultra® family of blood glucose monitoring systems. OneTouch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Meters provide blood glucose test results in five seconds, offer alternative test site options, and various memory and flagging features. The results are displayed as plasma values.

  • Fast Draw- The OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips with Fast Draw Design make blood glucose testing fast, easy, and less painful.
  • DoubleSure Technology automatically checks each blood sample twice & Eliminates falsely elevated results from other sugars.
  • Easy to Use- Automatically draws blood onto the test strip and makes it easy to see when there's enough blood for an accurate reading.
  • These One Touch diabetic test strips require only a small blood sample, meaning less pain when testing your glucose level.
  • By using these test strips the One Touch Ultra Glucose Meter gives results in just 5 seconds and requires just a speck of blood.
  • Compatible with the One Touch Ultra meter, they are also designed to give you a choice of testing spots, so tender fingers get a break.
  • Within just 5 seconds, you will have an easy to read blood glucose test result when using your One touch Ultra mini test strips.